Content Marketing


High value-added content is the cornerstone of any web strategy. Without a compelling and effective content, even the most powerful marketing tools are useless.

What is content?

Content is an information with a purpose for a targeted audience. It comes in any form, such as a blog post, sponsored news article, eBook, white paper, slideshow, infographic, press release, video, photo, podcast etc. Today, content is adapted to a multichannel and multiscreen world.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing consists in producing high value-added content in order to:

  • make your business more visible to your target,
  • strengthen the bond of trust between your brand and the public,
  • find new customers.

What is high value content?

High quality content is captivating for the target audience. That is why it is so much more effective than intrusive online advertising. A great content is engaging and seo optimized for a good ranking on Google. It is used to feed your corporate blog and your social pages on social media. In addition, it might interest traditional media and can be a useful tool for your PR strategy.

Here’s how an effective editorial strategy works:

  • Keywords research for seo purpose: a blog is more effective to rank on Google and attract more visitors.
  • Publications schedule, relevant topics and messages.
  • Content creation, with proven web writing techniques.
  • Content distribution and promotion through different channels.
  • Building your audience loyalty.
  • Engagement and conversion strategy.
  • Performance measurement.
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